The First Steps Towards Failure

by Duende

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This is our first official transmission. Our scientists worked very hard on the experiments documented here, so be sure to listen at full volume. There is much to be heard between the notes.

Brought to you by Blood Drunk Records:
Blood Drunk Records Release #007.


released June 25, 2013

All music written by Duende. Duende are:
Matt Daniell - Drums
Tony Allen - Bass
Jacob Cronan - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Capps - Guitar, Vocals, Space Noise, Kaossilator 1

Extra noise by:
Ty Watkins - Kaossilator 2, Noise Construction

Production Credits:
Mike Capps - New Vocal Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Ty Watkins - Initial Recording
Bill Beuche - Assistance with Mixing, Mastering

Cover art:
Franco Bejarano - Pen & Ink
Mike Capps - Title and coloring



all rights reserved


Duende Atlanta, Georgia


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Track Name: Trainwreck Jones
Trainwreck Jones, you see
Home he'll never be
Indecisions abound in all the right ways
"Myself and me is all I'll ever need,
Chasing falling stars,
You got to stay free"
The discourse of it all
Bent the branches down
Reset the bones, nowhere to be found
There's many things to teach
In case we ever meet
Trainwreck Jones, won't you take me with you?

Never saw his face through the black and grey
His eyes alone enough to convey
He used to walk around, singing to himself
BA da da DA dee AH DA

He found himself in the fog
Of his own mind
Vague recollections of a past life
On the mountainside a revelation came
Truth absolute in the cold rain
"The lord will provide and this I know.
God loves me just as I love him so.
Now to wander the world,
And spread his good word,
And do away with those who refuse to learn."

Come and take us, take us with you
Show me an absolute truth
I wanna go, I wanna know
Show me an absolute truth.
Track Name: Straight and Narrow Ways
Without a crooked tongue you speak
You always walk with the crooked beat
The social implications may be great
But you always come back here anyway

So it goes, who knows
C'est la vie we're on our way
So it goes, but who knows

I am becoming so very aware
of the war raging inside your head
Acknowledge the ways of the world and see
This is how it's meant to be
And the road ahead is washing away
Into a sea of cliche originality
Acknowledge the ways of the world and see
This is how

Hold onto your heads now boys
the road ahead is no longer there
The ground, it trembles beneath our feet
But oh what a charming life we lead

So it goes, who knows
C'est la vie we're on our way
So it goes, but who knows